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With our expert call center team, we provide services to all our retailers remotely via phone call or video chat. Please provide your Finso Retailer Code to our team to get faster solutions.

Support Team

Our technical support team is ready to resolve any technical problems you encounter in Finso Retailer Portal or during your sale and payment flows or any unexpected issue.


We have a collection of frequently asked questions and their answers to satisfy candidate retailer’s curiosity. If you have further questions, please contact us via e-mail or our call center.

Help Center

You may refer to Help Center where you can find info to help you get started with Finso business, get help with an issue including your account, or familiarize yourself with Finso solutions.

Frequently asked questions

Before Becoming a Finso Retailer

How can I become a Finso Retailer?

Just contact us either through e-mail or our call center. We will inform you about your eligibility and procedures necessary to become a Finso Retailer. Our authorized staff will personally contact you to help you in application process.

What are the required documents for Finso Retailer application?

Filled and signed Finso Retailer Application Form

Copy of photo identity card of the sole proprietor

Address proof of the office

Registration Certificate of the company

Proof of appointment of authorized signatory

Signed agreement between Finso and the company

You will receive the dossier including documents required to be filled by your company via registered mail. After filling and signing documents, you are required to send the documents together with other required materials to the address provided in the dossier.

When can I start business with Finso?

After your documents are received, our Administration and Legal Departments examine your application. Upon approval, you will receive an approval notice including your retailer account information via e-mail. You may directly start your business by logging into Finso Retailer Portal. You will also be notified in case of denial together with its reasoning.

Do I need to make any IT investment?

Absolutely no. All you need to do is to use the Finso Retailer Portal to run your business. The Finso Retailer Portal is a cloud-based retailer application through which you can form your customer’s shopping carts, follow the cart status and the payments you receive. If you are running an e-commerce site, then you can easily integrate shopping and payment flows via Finso e-API. Please do not hesitate to contact our call center. We are 365/7/24 ready to help you.

When and How do I receive the payment for my sale?

If your customer pays for the shopping via electronic funds transfer or wire transfer, his/her bank will transfer your sale price into your IBAN within the formal transfer period.

If your customer prefers to pay the shopping by loan, the loaning bank will transfer your sale price into your IBAN as soon as the loan is approved and loaning procedures are completed.

If your customer prefers to pay the shopping by loan with down payment, the loaning bank will transfer the credited amount into your IBAN as soon as the loan is approved and loaning procedures are completed, and at the same time the customer's bank will transfer the down payment amount into your IBAN within the formal transfer period. Therefore, you will receive two money transactions which will exactly sum up your sale price.

In any case, Finso does not hold your money. Your money is directly transferred into your bank account by relevant banks.

Are statistical reports available for my sales?

Yes. Finso Seller Portal provides assorted reporting features ranging from monthly and yearly sales reports to product and payment category based reports.

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