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Ease Your Shopping & Loans & Payments

All goes mobile – All goes free

Do your shopping from a Finso-partnered Retailer

Pay by loan

Take out loan with special rates to pay your shopping

Pay by money transfer

Alternatively pay your shopping by cash

Get personal loan

Or just take out personal loan for free spending


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Your security matters more

Enwrapped with a wide range of security features to protect your personal data and secure your transactions

Personal Privacy Protection

Privacy of all customers, retailers and financial institutions are protected, never shared with third parties

Two-Factor Authentication

Just use password, or double the security with two-way authentication over the Finso Mobile app

Secured with PlusAUTH

All parties are token-based authenticated and authorized through PlusAUTH®, a trusted OpenID Financial API Provider

Threefold Coupling

Account, device and application coupling approach is established to prevent fraud during mobile transactions

Mobile Banking Pin

Customer approval in the presence of the bank account is received via internet or mobile banking pin

One-Time Pin

Session-wise and operation-wise one time passwords via SMS codes are used for authentication and approval operations

Data Protection

All data stored and transmitted among parties are secured with high-level encryption

Advanced Logging

All actions and processes carried out by the parties are logged in detail with advanced encryption